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Brick pavers Greenville, SC - Patio pavers Spartanburg, SC

Garden Patio designs for Simpsonville, SC.

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Upstate South Carolinas first choice for their backyard ideas.

Professional installation of walkways and patios. Outdoor Kitchens, Brick, stone, pavers, concrete pavers, flagstone. We have over 200 quality projects completed in the Greenville, SC -Spartanburg, SC and Simpsonville, SC area.

Our expert installers are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute


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On Rich's  blog  you can see 20 different phases of an outdoor patio we built - with a pergola.

Personalized Back Yard and Garden Patio Design

A uniquely designed patio created with long lasting pavers can be a reality for your Greenville or Spartanbug, South Carolina garden. We bring your backyard ideas and garden patio design dreams to a beautiful reality. The basics of good hardscape design and aesthetics are valuable, but in order to bring your unique vision to life we consult with you extensively. We want to know about how you plan to use the areas. Picture of paver patio
For example we will discuss the following:

Knowing how you plan on using these areas, as well as how often, helps us to design outdoor living spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

Good functional design is great but without the 'wow' factor it can be boring. We consider your preferences and what you like as far as color, style, and material. We listen to your ideas and help you come up with a design that will compliment both your lifestyle and the design of your home. A beautiful, functional outdoor space can add both curb appeal and value to any property. Our favorite hardscape supplier, Belgard, has a wealth of different choices for you to consider for your new walkway or patio. They are a great idea source for garden patio designs.

One of the most popular items in outdoor living spaces is a water feature in your plan. . The sound of splashing water is comforting, relaxing, and even makes you feel a little cooler on a sultry, summer night. According to Feng Shui, fountains bring wealth and prosperity. While we won't promise you untold riches, we can tell you that a bit of water near your garden patio will add a nice ambiance, day or night. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Proper installation

Expert installation of your garden patio or walkway is just as important as a great design. We do not simply put brick pavers on the ground and call it a walkway. We insure it endures weather and other injurious problems so that it lasts a long time. Blue Dot Landscaping has the experience and talent to design and build your patio or walkway. There are literally thousands of different patio designs options and different types of pavers. You'll choose material that you love and we will work with you to create a design that is uniquely yours as well as making sure it is installed correctly. The most important step in any patio installation is the excavation. We excavate at least 7 inches below grade to insure you have at least four inches of compacted aggregate gravel mixed with granite sand as a solid base. We then add another inch of sand. Once the 2 1/2 inch pavers are installed, you have 7 1/2 inches of solid material that will stand the test of time. The joints of the pavers are filled with a polymeric sand to hold it all together. We also insure proper slope, ever so slight, so that you don't have water drainage issues.

Interlocking concrete pavers

Picture paver patio The most popular style of garden patio is made with the interlocking concrete paver. Many of the walks and garden patios you see are actually made of the interlocking concrete pavers rather than the brick pavers. This style comes in many colors and shapes. Interlocking concrete pavers create a beautiful and durable pavement which should last a minimum of 30 years when installed correctly. Various other types of pavements such as asphalt or poured concrete experience a shorter life, sometimes as little as 15 years. Interlocking concrete can give you a variety of looks from traditional to modern because of the versatility of the material. Your well designed paver patio in Greenville, Spartanburg or Simpsonville can depend on taking the extra time making the right decisions to get the best possible results.

Brick pavers

Picture brick walkway Brick pavers give a more formal look to your landscape. They work well with curved walkways and meandering garden paths. If your home is a traditional, colonial style or has formal gardens this may be the choice for you. The brick comes in many colors for fabulous design versatility. We can match the color of the bricks on your house or create a coordinating look. There are also tumbled bricks available to give you that "old world" look.


Picture stone walkway Often called "flagstone", when it is Tennessee fieldstone or some variety. We can show you many varieties. While this type of paver is not as smooth or consistent, it tends to make more of a natural look to your environment.
Stone garden patio designs and walkways are perfect for a cottage or country casual look. If you love wildflowers, cottage gardens, and a relaxed atmosphere, stone is something you may want to consider.

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Your Outdoor Living Space Is an Investment

No one plans a landscaping project thinking that they will have to do it again in five or ten years. Yet, many homeowners end up with projects that need to be fixed in a short period of time due to poor planning and lack of experience. It is important to take the extra time and make the right decisions for a well designed, durable project. After all, the best possible results rely on an expert plan. Get started now in time for summer fun. Initial consultation is free. We cover Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina