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Retaining walls - retainer wall engineering, design and build.

For steep slope management, erosion control, or for decorative purposes

Wood, Stone, Segmental Concrete, High-tech, Railroad ties or Brick. We install your wall so that it will stand the test of time...

retaining wall design image At Blue Dot Landscaping we have not one but TWO nationally certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installers. The National Concrete Masonry Association is the industry standard when it pertains to properly built masonry retaining walls. Our landscapes design team can help you with your back yard ideas. Retaining wall design and material selection can have several options. We can assist you with deciding based on several factors:

  • Your budget
  • Required wall height
  • Ease and speed of construction
  • Ground water conditions and soil characteristics.

Designing any retaining wall requires a knowledge of lateral earth pressure. We know how to design your wall not only so that it is appealing to the eye but also for stability. This includes checks for wall overturning, base sliding, and soil bearing capacity failures. After the wall is sized, each wall member is checked for adequate strength and reinforcing is determined.

One of the most common and telling failures of retaining walls is the inevitable tilting, cracking and bowing of brick, timber and concrete block retaining walls built by homeowners, well meaning builders, and landscapers. These 'problems' truly are failures, since the wall has not performed the task it was built to do, and that is to hold back the soil.

The failures also clearly demonstrate the lack of knowledge or design that is required by a successful retaining wall design. By understanding how a wall works, and how it can fail, it is possible to engineer a retaining structure that will meet all foreseen environmental, structural and construction demands.

To see a great example of our construction process of an actual retaining wall, click here


        We build them for decorative purposes

picture of decorative retaining wall 

Or a retainer wall to solve a real need.

picture of block retaining wall

Retainer walls provide lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. They retain soil which would otherwise collapse into a more natural shape.  One of the many benefits can be that more of your land becomes not so steep and therefore more usable.  Retaining walls can be constructed of many different materials and with a variety of building techniques.  Regardless of material or style, we engineer your retaining wall so that it will last. 

Picture of Stacked stone wall


We cover Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina