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Landscape lighting - Greenville, Spartanburg. Give your home that moonlit look with quality landscape lighting

110v or low voltage

Your landscape needs to look good at night too! image of landscape lighting Greenville  Landscape lighting gives you the advantage of better security and will add to your landscape design. Bad guys don't like to approach well lit areas. We can design and install the perfect system for your home. You can obtain the "moonlit" look, well lit with landscape lights but not looking like a commercial bank. We normally use a mix of path lights, up lights and other features to enhance your night view of your landscape. Welcome guests and family to your home with attractive and safety-minded landscape lighting. Accentuate architectural features, highlight a well-tended garden or enhance outdoor living space all with artistically designed lighting. Investing in outdoor illumination can improve a home’s value through curb-appeal, security and entertainment space. We install landscape lighting in Greenville and Spartanburg counties.

Outdoor lighting to enhance your landscapes design

We begin by deciding on the amount and type of lights that are perfect for your home. We then install the right size transformer for low voltage lighting. An undersized transformer will cause future problems. We try to insure that we do not have the problems. In the placement and selection of different types of landscape lights, we aim for a few simple goals.

  • The light fixture itself needs to be placed so that it is unobtrusive.  You want to see the "result" of the light... not the light fixture itself.
  • The resulting beam of light needs to accentuate your home and landscape.  We adjust to the correct angle so that it lights up a desired area without shining directly into your or your guests eyes.
  • The transformer can be programed in many ways.  Your lights can turn on and off at specific times or you can use a photocell to turn on your lights at dusk and off at dawn.
  • We use a mixture of 'uplights', 'downlights', and 'pathlights' to accomplish our goals.
  • We use quality products by Hadco, Kitchler, Progress lighting and KIM lighting.

Why hire Blue Dot Landscaping?

  • Safety - Our trained installers comply with local requirements and follow electrical usage protocol.
  • Expert design layout - We are experienced landscape lighting pros. We use appropriate fixtures, bulbs and techniques to best fulfill your needs and wants within a budget.
  • Memorable results - We are trained contractors who will assist you in expressing personality in your yard as well as addressing any specific outdoor living needs.

Fixtures that look good in the daytime too!

See  Kichler  for more ideas and beautiful fixtures. picture landscape lighting Greenville       picture landscape lighting Spartanburg       image landscape lighting Greenville       image landscape lighting Spartanburg 

We cover Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina