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Trees, shrubs and flowers expertly planted in order to thrive.


Greenville, Spartanburg and Simpsonville in Upstate South Carolina is a great area in which to picture of large Willow Oak have beautiful stately trees like Elm, Oak and Red Maple. Our climate and soil is also good for ornamental trees like Dogwood, Crape Myrtle and Cherry trees. You should know that we can help you with the landscape design as well as the lawncare and landscape maintenance. See my blog for:  My favorite top 10 tall trees. Recently updated: see  My favorite top ten Ornamental trees.

Planning Before Planting

Your beautiful landscape with trees, flowering shrubs and maybe even a shade garden... normally won't happen by accident. As with any project, the planning portion is at least as important as the execution of a project. Planning your landscape will include several aspects. A primary goal is to understand your landscape and its environment - and then use that specific knowledge in the selection and placement of your trees, shrubs and flowers. No matter how healthy and beautiful our landscape material is when we plant it - If it is the wrong plant in the wrong spot it will not do well. No matter how good you take care of the plant.

    We take into consideration:
  • The planting sites climate.
  • The existing soil conditions.
  • The slope and elevation of a site.
  • Expected amounts of wind.
  • Proper spacing of the trees and shrubs.
  • Amount of direct and indirect sunlight.
  • Man made components like utility lines, fences and signs.
  • Availability of irrigation.
Garden and Landscape Plant software GardenSoft PlantMaster will help you select plants for your dream garden.

Shrubs - flowering Shrubs

image shrub, garden  Again, as with trees, the proper selection of the right shrub in the right location is vital in the lasting quality of your landscape. 'Foundation shrubs' (like a boxwood)is a term to describe the plantings closest to your house. We try to give you something that will look consistently good for years to come. We prefer to use the 'ornamental' flowering shrubs (like azaleas and rose bushes) in areas like mulch beds around your garden pond or your brick paver patio or big tree in the center of your yard.  All of our shrubs are purchased from professional growers.  We do not purchase shrubs from mass merchandisers.  The simple reason is quality.  Beautiful flowering shrubs will perform better if healthy to begin with and then planted well.

Shade gardens

Picture Landscaping Planting - Shrubs, Plants, Trees  See my top ten perennials for some ideas about shade loving plants.

Flower Beds

We design and install beautiful flower beds. Perennials and/or annuals. To read more about our installation methods see how to have outstanding annual flowers Picture flowers

Planting the plants

With all our trees, shrubs and flowers we design and install your plantings the correct way.  We space your plantings correctly.  We dig the proper size hole, add compost and fertilizer to insure the best growth.

We cover Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina