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Our full service lawn care program is the best way to keep your lawn and landscaped ares pristine with thick, lush, green grass, weed free beds and healthy plantings.  Once you have the back yard of your dreams let us keep it looking great with our lawn care in Greenville, SC -Spartanburg, SC or Simpsonville, SC.  Not only will we keep your grass green and lush, we provide all the lawn services - lawn maintenance necessary to make your South Carolina yard a showplace.  And we do it year-round, for a flat monthly fee to keep things consistent and convenient.

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Our Full Service Lawn Care Program

image lawn mowing manWe perform lawn care services in Greenville and Spartanburg counties.  Our lawn maintenance service is year-round and all inclusive with a flat monthly fee.  When you have completed landscaping with your back yard ideas, you can count on us to keep your green grass green.
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Are you picky about the way your home looks? Do you love the idea of having great curb appeal? Our customers love our detail oriented staff. We love bright green, healthy grass and we hate weeds. image lawn care We are experts at using herbicides, insecticides, weed prevention, fertilizers, and everything else needed to keep the lawn fabulous. We edge, prune, trim and do all the little details. We know when - and how. When you decide you want to accent your outdoor space with items like a garden pond we can make those visions come true and then we maintain the area around them. We can even construct wood fencing or aluminum fencing to give your property a whole new look. We maintain your entire property on a yearly contract basis (paid monthly). We mow, edge and trim on a regular basis. We fertilize at the proper time with the best fertilizers and weed preventers to keep your lawn pristine. We also keep your shrubs pruned, leaves raked and drives and walks clear of debris.

Why Our Lawn Care Is Superior

Did you ever drive by a neighbor's home and wonder why their yard always seemed to look so good? Caring for a lawn takes more than just showing up.

Experience. Rich began his first successful lawn care business when he was 13 years old. (39 years ago). He has over 20 years experience in lawn care in Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Mike has been in the 'customer service' business 40 years. Our staff is led by Neli - who has a masters degree in landscape horticulture. Rich and Neli are both Certified Pesticide Applicators, registered with the state of South Carolina.

Equipment. We have high quality equipment and we service our gear regularly.

Technique. We sharpen our mower blades regularly. We mow at the right height for your yard (Different lawns need different heights). We don't bag the grass. Contrary to popular opinion leaving the clippings in the lawn is good for the lawn and does not create thatch.

Dependability. Well... we just are! (dependable).

Knowledge We know when to fertilize, how to recognize unwanted insects, how to prune and a wealth of other 'stuff' we need to know. We will also help you in setting your irrigation system. Certainly a key to keeping your landscape beautiful is to have it healthy. A significant ingredient to not just your lawns health, but your entire landscapes health is the proper amount of water.

Convenience We charge a flat monthly fee for our lawn care service. We draft your bank account at the end of each month. This flat monthly fee includes all of our lawn services. Your entire lawn care and fertilizing is included.

We care. This is really one of the most important reasons to use our lawn service in Greenville or Spartanburg. When you hire us we feel like we have just 'adopted' your lawn. We gloat when you get yard of the month in your neighborhood. We pout when we see weeds or less than perfect grass. We take great pride in all of our lawn care customers.

Our full service lawn care and grounds maintenance includes:

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Our fertilization lawn care program includes:

The right treatments at the right time. We are not selling treatments - we are selling service! Our program is led by Neli, a professional horticulturist who has a masters degree in horticulture. We have a vast array of different techniques that we implement depending on the type of grass, time of year and many other variables. We give the kind of personalized service that the Chem lawns sort of people simply cannot match.

We provide lawn care in Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina. We may be the lawn service of your neighbor. We currently maintain yards in: