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Koi ponds - Water feature - Water falls

This setting actually had two waterfalls leading to a koi pond. koi pond with waterfalls

Your own wildlife refuge with a pond, fish, plants and maybe a waterfall

There is nothing quite so soothing as sitting out by a nice garden pond with the relaxing sound of a meandering stream. We design and build you a water feature that will fit into your landscape. We can make your water feature fit into your back yard ideas. Our landscapes design can provide for a pondless waterfall, a formal type of pond or a beautiful koi pond. We have found a way to fit a nice koi pond into the smallest area (with a waterfall too!). We also have created a 'park' size pond that had waterfalls, a long stream leading up to the pond, a bridge over that stream and the koi pond itself was big enough to hold 80 koi.

Koi ponds can be used as an excellent wildlife habitat as well as for aesthetic purposes. Our ponds can be designed so that they are their own 'ecosystem'. The water falls, stones and pond plants help create oxygen. Algea grows on the rocks and the Koi eat the algea. The fish fertilize the plants - completing the cycle. We take certain steps when building you a pond. The first thing we consider is what type of pond you want in your back yard. We discuss what type of aquatic life you want in your pond. Is it going to be a home for koi? Or is your main concern for the water plants and how it blends in with your landscape? Perhaps you only want the pond for the sound of a waterfall. We plan your pond for your specific features.

koi pond with waterfalls koi pond with waterfalls koi pond with waterfalls

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