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Wooden fencing or aluminum fencing - Spartanburg or Greenville.
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Wooden fences custom built on your property. Any style you wish. We have over 30 years experience building quality fences. We build durable fences and spend the extra time and money to make them last.

Image - six foot Greenville wood fence - decorative   Well built wooden fences are very different from your average fence. We use pressure treated pine wood. Each of our posts are set in concrete. We don't use nails in the construction of your wooden fence, we screw in the braces and the pickets. We use extra support to lessen the warping and leaning of your fence gates. Most anyone can build a fence that looks good the day they finish. We build your fence to look good, gates working, and not be leaning... several years from now.
As far as the style of your wooden fence... If you can imagine it, we can build it. The most popular style is either a 6 foot privacy fence or a 42 inch picket fence. We have, however, built several Greenville-Spartanburg fences that were 8 foot privacy. Other popular styles include:

  • Split rail fence (2 or 3 rails)
  • Stockade fence
  • WV Lap rail fence
  • Spaced dog eared fence
  • Shadowbox fence... and many more

Image - Eight foot Spartanburg wood privacy fence   Image - Greenville Wood rail fence Image - Greenville Wooden privacy fence

What makes our Spartanburg-Greenville fencing better?

You see fences every day. You drive by, walk by or pass through a fence in Spartanburg or Greenville. But there are many factors of that fence that you do not see. As with many other products like a car or even a back yard swimming pool, the quality of the product may not be externally obvious. Among the many factors which contribute to a fences quality and durability are:

  • The quality of the wood used in building the fence
  • Using screws instead of nails
  • The depth and width of each post hole
  • The building and bracing of the gates

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Quality aluminum fences by Jerith

Picture of black aluminum fencing Greenville   Image of white aluminum fencing Spartanburg   Picture of bronze aluminum fencing Greenville

Why Jerith, Why Aluminum Fencing?

Aluminum fencing can give you the classic look and style of wrought iron. Most aluminum fencing in Greenville requires much less maintenance, however, and aluminum fencing in Greenville usually has powder coated colors and is rust proof. Another reason aluminum fencing is such a good choice is that it is considerably less expensive than wrought iron. Although the initial cost of aluminum fencing is more than wood, it is actually cheaper when you factor in longevity and cost of maintenance.

At Blue Dot Landscaping, we take great pride in our fence building skills. We dig our holes deep enough, fill each post hole with concrete and do much more to insure that your fence stays where we put it. A good fence installation requires quite a bit more than one might think. Proper handling of slopes, keeping a straight line, and a good solid (and plumb) gate all are what make us a good choice for aluminum fencing Greenville.

We use Jerith Aluminum Fencing because they offer a proud tradition of service and quality to our customers. Jerith is a family business that is now in its third generation. They are the oldest and largest manufacturer of aluminum ornamental fences in North America. Jerith, in business since 1961, is a leader in the fencing industry. They are known for high quality products and outstanding service. Their aluminum fencing is covered by a lifetime warranty. We install aluminum fencing in Greenville, Spartanburg and Simpsonville. Jerith Logo

We cover Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina