A great landscape begins with a well planned landscape design

Professional Landscape Architect, autocad design

Our landscaping designer will consult with you and work with you in creating the ideal landscape design plan for you.

Landscape architecture/design at Blue Dot is not like others that involve the design of landscapes at a variety of scales—from large apartment complexes, multi-functional sites to small convenience stores. We specialize in designing and planning for the individual homeowner. Your personal plan will be designed with you in mind. We want to know your backyard ideas. We want to know what type of trees and shrubs you want in your landscaping. Your landscaping ideas are important. Of course, we give advice as to what plantings will and will not work. We integrate your hardscaping (patio designs, water features, brick paver walkways), your lawn irrigation and the best location and groupings of trees and shrubs. We construct your design using autocad. Your plan will be to scale. landscape design

A beautiful landscape begins with landscapes design. We will work with you to create a plan for your back yard ideas.

Landscape design includes focusing on both the overall landscape planning of a property and the specific design of the landscape's and hardscape's within it. We consider horticultural, aesthetic, and environmental sustainability in all our landscaping designing. We work with the geography and the architecture to insure your project has a stunning result. We test soils, do the surveying, and have civil engineering done to make certain your project 'works'. A surprisingly oft overlooked part of your landscape design is water drainage. We do not forget that aspect. We will develop either one or several landscape design options, which can range from conceptual to highly-detailed landscape plans. The highly-detailed version will integrate your new trees and flowering shrubs, beautiful green grass, patio design (or koi pond) with all the functional aspects like fencing, water drainage and irrigation. landscape design

Our plans include:

Our step by step landscape design process

We begin by ascertaining your needs, wishes and features you want in your landscape. We feel that enjoying your back yard can be as rewarding as the inside of your home. The landscape architecture process can actually save you money in that, with proper planning, you won't be redoing your back yard landscape. Very often our landscaping and hardscaping work entails repairing, redesigning and/or removal of existing landscaping that might be only a few years old. By getting a good plan to begin with, you won't be paying twice for the back yard landscape you want.
In determining your desired features we consider functionality for your family such as: Dog/pet area, storage area, play area for children, vegetable garden, and fencing and/or landscape screening for privacy. We also plan for fun outdoor features that create an area for entertaining like a sitting area, fish pond, walkways, paver patios, outdoor firepit or even a complete outdoor kitchen with fireplace.
We discuss whether you want a show place with blooming trees, shrubs and flowers year-round (Think beautiful, but high maintenance) or if you would rather have us focus on creating a nice but low maintenance landscape. It's important to note that our senior designer, Rich Regan, has 25 years experience designing landscapes in Spartanburg and Greenville. With the additional help of Neli Maneva, who has several years experience and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, we offer innovative, funtional and beautiful designs that will only add to the enjoyment of your home.