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A beautiful landscape begins with a plan.  We believe that neither a landscaper nor a homeowner should begin planting trees and shrubs without a plan and some good landscaping ideas.  Rich Regan has 20 years experience image Landscapers of Greenville autocad plan  designing and installing beautiful landscapes in upstate S.C. and western N.C. Our designs are autocad drawings and include everything from the plantings, irrigation layout and specifications to the hardscaping. We will work with you to create a plan for your beautiful landscape that blends well with your living spaces. Different landscapes design techniques that we can include are Formal, Informal, English Garden, Japanese Garden and more.
We like creating outdoor spaces that seem like their own room. We find many landscape architects make two common mistakes. The first would be the plant spacing. It can be tempting to try to make the landscape look awesome on day one. It is better, however, to allow the plants room to grow. The second most common mistake we see made by other landscape architects is that they try to do 'too much'. By that we mean trying to put too wide of a variety of planting in too small of an area. Sometimes simpler is better. In the long run, sometimes simpler is much better. See more on our Design page

New Plantings

Just like other landscapers in Greenville and Spartanburg, we plant trees, shrubs and flowers. Unlike most other landscapers, we spend time to design and install your plantings the correct way. We space your plantings correctly, we dig the proper size hole, we add compost and we fertilize to insure the best growth To insure your Landscaping landscaping ideas grow to fruition, we also offer landscape maintenance. We purchase your new trees and shrubs only from the most reputable nurseries. We insure that your new plantings are in excellent health before we ever put them in the gound.
We are quite familiar with and especially picky about how deep we plant your plantings. Too high, as well as too low, can be fatal to your new landscaping. We beleive we are the best Spartanburg or Greenville landscaper. We understand that to stay number one we must continue to put in the effort to do the job correctly. While some may beleive that the difference in planting an Azalea even with the ground as opposed to 2 inches high... is trivial - we do not. We want to give you the best results. See more at : New Plantings

Beautiful Lawns

Green green grass!  There are four types of grass that do well in our area:  Fescue, Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede.  The first step necessary is that we evaluate your space and consult with you on what will do best for you.  Results will not be great if we select the wrong type of lawn.  Then we can lay sod or plant seed.  We Landscapers Greenville fescue lawn will help you with proper fertilization and maintenance techniques so you will have a lush, green, healthy lawn.  We can even enclose it with our aluminum or wood fencing. We take great pride in our grass installation with sod or seed.  It is the specialty in landscaping in which we have  the most experience.  Rich actually got his first lesson in caring for fescue lawns in 1982 from the head grounds-keeper at Furman University. For more information click: Beautiful Lawns


Landscape Irrigation systems to make it all grow. Our systems are guaranteed for 4 years. Not only is it a pain to drag around a lawn sprinkler at the end of a hose, it is an inefficient way to water compared to a professionally installed lawn irrigation system. We install commercial quality equipment from Toro, Rainbird and Hunter. Landscapers Greenville irrigation Our systems give you the proper and even distribution of water for all your landscaped areas. You will have a simple, easy to use timer (irrigation controller). We even install a rain sensor so that your system will not run during the rain. You can read more about our landscape irrigation on our Irrigation page.

We service Greenville and Spartanburg counties in upstate South Carolina.